Thomas and Sandy
  • Thomas and Sandy

  • March 2015
Thomas and I engaged Lane as our wedding planner for 28Mar15. We got to know her through our wedding day photographer, Paul Kong of CK Gallery. Throughout the wedding planning journey, we saw Lane's contribution in venue selections, liaising with vendors and most importantly, up-keeping timeline of events for the day itself. While we ( Thomas and I ) are occupied with customary and family's request, Lane was prompt at coordination with hotel especially on the wedding day itself. We have been to weddings which are not timely managed where the newlyweds are stressed. We are fortunate to have not experience that. Our wedding banquet started timely and the food was superbly served. We believe that wedding planners' experience in the event handling is the most helpful element for our big day. Our wedding was beautiful and memorable to all our guests.
Joyce and Richard
  • Joyce and Richard

  • Nov, 2014
Husband and I are not the most organized people on earth and we knew from the beginning we needed a wedding planner. Lane and her team was great! Not only did she keep us on track but she also went above and beyond our expectations in negotiating with the vendors to get us great deals. Had an unforgettable wedding! Definitely great value for the service provided by Lane, Patricia, Gigi and the team! Thank you guys!
Amy & Chris Royce
  • Amy & Chris Royce

  • July 2014

Hi Lane and team,

We just wanted to take a moment to express how thankful we are for everything you have done for us over the past year and a half. You're constant patience, hard work, diligence, understanding and assistance truly made our wedding day so magical and special. From the lead up right through to the day, you were always there to help. Even just having you there on the day made me feel so calm. I knew you had everything under control. We cannot thank you enough. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much.

Love Amy & Chris Royce

Alex and Janice, Dec 2013
  • Alex & Janice

  • Dec 2013

Time has passed since Me and My Wife had a wedding. We really rely on Lane on the arrangements since we are both working. Lots of things happened with the hotel however in the end of the day Lane had reached our expectations and the wedding went perfectly fine. I definitely recommend for the couples who are thinking to marry...

Pat and Clare, Nov 2012
  • Pat & Clare

  • Nov 2012

Dear Lane, you are the most amazing wedding planner ever!! Thank you for being part of our big day, we could not have had such an amazing wedding if it wasnt for you and your team. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! ♥ Your sweaty bride.

Jay and Shireen, Dec 2012
  • Jay & Shireen

  • Dec 2012

Hi Patricia,

I know this is kinda late, very late actually.. Anyways, we just want to thank you for all the hard work u put in to make our wedding beautiful and very memorable.We are happy to have engaged you and will definitely recommend you to our friends. Wishing you all the best :)

Eve and Kevin, June 2012
  • Eve & Kevin

  • June 2012

Thank you,

Patricia and Lane for helping me make my wedding possible given my busy schedule.

Ryan and Sarah, June 2012
  • Ryan & Sarah

  • June 2012

Hi Lane, thank you once again for helping us plan our lovely wedding. such a lovely day and beautiful photos, everytime i watch the dvd I cry, its soo nice, hope you are well and will recommend you to everyone

Ilkka and Ting, May 2011
  • Ilkka & Ting

  • May 2011

Me and my wife decided to get married in Malaysia and we contacted Patricia to help us for wedding planning. Professional wedding planner was our only reasonable option for making all paperwork needed for wedding in foreign country. Our case must have been very challenging because we had really strict timetable and two so different countries included, Laos and Finland. Nonetheless Patricia managed to handle all with professional and efficient touch so we had clear information what to do before coming to Malaysia and which tasks we have to do together in Malaysia. We also apply express license for wedding and with Patricia's help we got all necessary paperwork done easily and got married within only few days. We were pleased with Patricia's help.

Thank you Patricia!

Kwan Lee and Xenia, 2011
  • Kwan Lee and Xenia

  • 2011

Hi Patricia,

Just want to thank you for your help on legalised my documents. Finally we had a wonderful wedding in Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks again and take care.