Patricia – Founder

She is meticulous, extremely patient, a perfectionist, a very good listener and a self-motivated individual. She is creative, artistic and a left-hander. She oversees every single event personally as if it were her own, adding her personal touches to everything so it looks every bit as perfect as she knows you would want it to be. From start to finish, every stage of preparation is done with her typical attention to detail. Her eye for beauty is evident in her finishing touches to every event – each is about making it more beautiful and perfect than the last.

Seeing the laughter, the tears of joy and touching moments in her wedding events, she knows her hard work has been paid off and the greatest satisfaction has been achieved. These are the reasons that keeping Patricia carrying on her wedding planning career.

With her 15 years working experience in private sector and in corporate world prior to managing her wedding planning business, she has gained experiences in corporate finance, tax and auditing, merchandising and procurement, in terms of operational and in system designing and implementation. She has very strong inter-personal and communication skills. She is versatile and able to adapt and respond to changes in her working environment effectively. She reckons the importance of teamwork, which she believes the success of a wedding event is heavily and ultimately relying on teamwork, not only within her coordinator team, but also with the support and advice from the banquet team as well as the families of the wedding couple. Effective communication is an area which she is constantly learning from each other and improving from within.

With Patricia at the helm, you never have to worry about not knowing when to start booking your wedding reception venue, what the wedding checklists are, how your wedding theme and decorations will turn out or where to get wedding favors to match. Put your wedding in her ultra-capable hands and watch her turn it into a true memorable event, as only Malaysia wedding planner team – MY Wedding Planner can!


Patricia has been in a few occasions invited as speakers and/or interviewees to share her experiences in wedding industry, by local press and media,Malaysia Tourism Board and universities. Below are the credentials :

Press and Media
15.06.2009 – Oriental Daily 资汇理财-新人爱钱多于礼物?– by 郭美裙
17.12.2009 – News Straits Times – A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner – by Zuhaila Sedek
28.07.2010 – Sin Chew Daily 大北马乡音 – 策划人点棒化腐朽为神奇,打造啄头婚礼不是梦 – by杨薇屏
05.02.2012 – China Press 财富经,与时拼劲 - 婚礼策划与时间赛跑 - by 林苡欣
August 2012 – NewTide magazine - 幸福支援队 - by Fara Y

Seminars and Workshops
19.08.2009 -Travel and Niche Products – Bangkok, Thailand -Organized by Tourism Malaysia
01.12.2011 – The Trends and Challenges in Servicing Industry, UiTM – Organized by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)
26.04.2012 – Indian Weddings In Malaysia, Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya – Organized by Tourism Malaysia

Radio and TV Stations
09.02.2012 – BFM 89.9 – Ringgit And Sense – Interviewed by Lim Soon Heng
22.09.2012 – Astro AEC – 叫我老板 Call Me Boss
08.10.2013 – NTV 7 – Bella Live Talk Show – Wedding Trends In 2014 – Interviewed by Vanessa Chong
16.12.2013 – 8TV – 夏娃记事本 - Wedding Tips – Interviewed by Lynn Lim 林佩盈