Wedding Cake – Macaroon Tower

Wedding cake is taking part an important role in the wedding for nowadays. Concept of wedding cake will be blended with the wedding theme, it can be fun and creative too. A nice wedding cake can shine the wedding and beautifully decorate the wedding. Though hotel provides dummy cake, you can choose to customize a unique one for your wedding, with the theme of elegant and glamorous; contemporarily chic; fun and cheer chic, etc.

In this topic, I would like to share Macaroons Tower, which looks magnificent in your wedding. Macaroons is original from France, it is a delicacy that have been gaining popularity over cross the world. In the wedding, it seems to be vogue at the moment. You can discuss with the bakers about the height you want to have, it can be as tall as 2.5 feet or various of height. The colour and flavour of macaroons can be made according to your wedding theme; even can be colourful as butterflies. In addition, the base of the tower can be personalized as you like. Craft your name, add on flowers or add on ribbon at the base stand.

macaroon_tower macaroon_tower1 macaroon_tower2

A sweet threat to start an everlasting bliss!

{Photo courtesy of Shing’s cakery – Our lovely and humble baker}