Wedding Favours – Choosing

Choosing Your Wedding Favours

A wedding favour is a gift to your guests, as a way of saying Thank You for coming to your wedding. Finding the right items for wedding favours, can be quite tricky even though it may seem like a simple task. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Theme/Colour
The favours that you choose should blend well with both your colour scheme and your wedding design. It’s the easiest way for guests to remember all that happened on your wedding day. A luggage nametag is perfect for a travel themed wedding, recycle pencils can be used as favours for back-to-school themed wedding, candies, honey or jam in glass jars for outdoor garden wedding, and the list goes on and on. Pick an element that represents your wedding theme and colors, and you’re good to go.

2. Edible Favours
You can’t really go wrong with food. Everyone loves a favour that they can eat. Other than a box of chocolates, candy bars are growing in popularity. You can create or decorate your own takeaway bags for guest to bring some of the candies home. And if candy is not quite your thing, you may consider to have a cookie bar. It works just the same way, always a big hit especially for kids!

3. Durability
Will the items you gave away as wedding favours last through the years, the way you expect your marriage to last? You definitely would want something that lasts, something like a small photo frame, salt and pepper shakers, place card holders etc. ( Of course, candies, chocolates and soaps would be the exceptional cases. ) Items with tedious designs usually require a good artwork and hands-on skills. Be sure to check the product quality carefully before you confirm the order. If you’re purchasing wedding favours online, browed through their testimonials and reputation first.

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4. Usefulness
After the all the hard work to plan a wedding, you hardly want your guests chucking their favours on the way out. Choose something that your guests will be able to use after the wedding, really useful items are unlikely to end up in the bin. It could be a wine bottle opener, coaster, mini notepads, etc. Otherwise, they might just end up throwing it away. You certainly wouldn’t want your money to be wasted like that. The best way to thank your guests is by choosing favours that they will enjoy and truly appreciate.

5. Creative packaging and personalisation
Not only do you want to provide your guests with an awesome gift that they’ll actually want, but you also want it to have some sort of reflection on both of your styles and personalities. It can be achieved by thoughtful packaging and personalisation. Look for favours that have a personal or emotional meaning, or that simply reflect your interests. You may also engrave it with your names, as well as the wedding date. This provides them with a reminder of where they got it from, by leaving your signature mark on it.