Wedding Favours – Tips

Tips When Buying Wedding Favours

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1. Budget
When you shop for wedding favours, always get something that fits your budget. With careful planning, you are sure to find a nice wedding favour without spending too much for it. Search online for vendors that offer a wide variety of party favours, and narrow down your list based on your budget and specific needs. Select the favour that best fits your budget and the complements your event design.

2. Time
If you’re getting something general and can be easily picked up at the mall, it is fine to buy them at the last minute. But if it’s something custom-made for your wedding, you should place your order about 1-2 months earlier. The reason is to finalize the number of guests before making your order. Most importantly, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, for ordering too little favours and have nothing to give away to your guests.

3. Meaningfulness
Regardless of which type of favour you choose to go with, make sure it’s something you are proud to say came from your own wedding. Favours are all about showing gratitude to your friends and family members who showed up to support you on this amazing day. Show a little love and have fun with it !

4. Charitable
This is a special idea for couple who wish to do a give back to the society. Instead of gifting guests a favour, some couples provide a card, informing them that a donation was made to a specific charity in their names. This may be an organization that you both feel passionately about, or a medical research organization for an illness that has a personal meaning to one or both of you. Either way, it’s a great “favour” that your guests can feel good about.