Wedding Music

Just like everyone else, you want your wedding event to be fun and enjoyable for both you and your guests. With the right kind of Entertainment and Master of Ceremony, your reception will truly be a party to remember.

“Solo performers with Minus 1 track”

Ideal for : Both formal, sit-down dinners and the more casual buffet.

Equipment : a CD player, microphone and amplifiers. Easily rentable from the reception venue, if it is a commercial venue. Easy to manage from hire to sound check.

Tip : When hiring a solo singer, try getting those that have a wide repertoire covering songs in a few languages and genres, as your guests may want their song requests fulfilled. While this isn’t necessarily a part of the entertainer’s job, obliging should not be totally out of the question.

“Live Band”

Ideal for : Casual dinners and buffets as they may be too noisy and brash for the elite, sit-down crowd.

Equipment : Microphones, compatible amplifiers and a stage or appropriate open area. You may have to provide a drum set for the band. Give them ample time to set themselves up and do a quick sound check.

Tip : As with the solo singer, get bands that can do both oldies and contemporary tracks so both the older and younger generation can appreciate the performance better.